Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FARMVILLE BOT that works!

FARMVILLE BOT that works!

Bot for FarmVille Site: farmvillebot.net  This bot can automatically: – Plant crops – Harvest crops from land and from trees – Get products from livestock Also, this bot allows you to halve the time necessary for crops to ripen!!! Unlike the rest of bots, this one operates not by clicks, but by sending requests to the game server. It is a more reliable method. Do the following to start the bot: 1. If your default browser is different from Internet Explorer, open Internet Explorer and log in at http://facebook.com selecting the “Remember Me” checkbox. 2. Close Internet Explorer. 3. Run the “farmvillebot” program. 4. Wait till the farm is loaded. 5. Open the “Settings” tab. Specify the necessary settings. That’s all. The bot is ready to work instead of you. You can minimize the program and get down to your business...