Thursday, August 13, 2009



Motivation is primarily self-motivation. No outside influence can match kind of inner boost you five to yourself. The more you have faith in yourself, the more you try to accomplish your objectives.

1. Believe in your capability of being successful
Cease thinking of what you cannot do, and think of what you can do. A popular saying goes, "don't let the things you can't do stop you from doing things which you can do."

2. Seize every opportunity

Hold the deep conviction: "Yes, this is the right time for me, I know I can succeed." Ray Kroc was already sickly and past 50 when he felt inspired purchase a successful California restaurant. By the time he died in 1984, his McDonald's Corporation was the largest restaurant company in the world.

3. Think BIG
The size of a goal is determined not just by the size of your brain but also by the size of your faith. The Great Wall of China, the Pyramids of Egypt and the Eiffel Tower are the testaments to the grand aspirations of their creators.

4. Discipline your thoughts
Thoughts are the basis of all actions. You can control your actions if you control your thoughts. Japanese Zen monk have a remarkable sense of discipline. They can squat and meditate for hours emptying their minds of outside thoughts and letting feelings of peace and serenity flow within.


Tyrone | Millionaire Acts said...

I think that the the ultimate step to become successful is "Will Power". As long as you have the will power, you will believe in yourself and in act of believing yourself, you will discipline yourself and act accordingly towards that particular goal.

Rod said...

Well, that's true. You must have your "will power". There is a need for faith, and your belief as such believing in yourself. Faith energizes our mind and body, enables us to perceive possibilities, improves our powers of discernment, and motivates us to eventually excel in any field.